The price behind BLACKPINK’s phenomenal success in K-pop

The confessions of these two BLACKPINK’s members make fans heartbroken.

Since their debut, under the right direction of YG, BLACKPINK has gradually become the leading girl group of K-pop 3rd generation. Fans can’t help but be proud when the group continuously accomplishes remarkable achievements. However, this also creates great pressure on the girls as they seriously lack privacy when having every move, even the smallest, scrutinized by the public.

BLACKPINK is currently the leading girl group in K-pop. 

Recently, Jennie posted a vlog filmed in Los Angeles, in which she revealed her daily activities when not having a busy schedule. On the second day in the West, Jennie decided to go out for a walk, which is also her hobby.

Aside from the cool and attractive female idol on stage, Jennie is also a simple girl on the street. The female idol wears a white T-shirt and fit black pants. However, she still looks very stylish with black glasses.

Jennie shared with fans her hobby of walking around the house in Los Angeles.

I’m going out for a walk right now. I usually get up early in the morning and walk around the neighborhood. I’m a bit late today. You can see the beautiful sunset from here. I think what I like to do the most here is walking. Even when I walk around here wearing this outfit, no one notices me“, Jennie said.

Jennie is free to do what she likes because no one recognizes her.

Jennie’s share made fans a little surprised and heartbroken. Because of her high reputation and large fan base, it is difficult for Jennie to have a private time, especially in Korea. Her public appearance on the street will certainly attract a lot of attention.

However, in foreign countries, she got to live like a normal person. Instead of wearing extravagant outfits, the main rapper likes sporty and simple clothes. 

Despite being a celebrity, Jennie still wants to have a moment to live carefree. 

Jennie isn’t the only one in BLACKPINK who wants to go to a place no one will recognize her. Rosé herself also shared about this. The Australian beauty confided: “I love going to amusement parks. I want to play at an amusement park where no one can recognize me.”

It can be said that, with a dense schedule, BLACKPINK’s time for rest and entertainment is a luxury. Therefore, the desire to go to the amusement park and not get surrounded by many people that Rosé expressed is totally understandable.

Rosé wants to hang out at the amusement park and not be recognised by anyone. 

In Jennie’s vlog episode in Los Angeles, fans were delighted to see the female idol and her younger fellow member Rosé hanging out at the park. BLACKPINK’s main vocalist seemed very happy. Both dressed discreetly and wore masks to ensure safety during the epidemic season. Moreover, this simple and popular fashion style helps the two idols not stand out too much in crowded places.

Jennie and Rosé had a very fun private outing in the West. 

Everytime BLACKPINK had a schedule at the amusement park, Rosé was always in excitement. The female idol showed all the energy she had and brought laughter to those around her. 

Jennie and Rosé being playful with the pins on their heads. 
BLACKPINK had fun while filming the show at the park.

Every idol wants to be loved and known by the public. However, when they leave the limelight, they still want to live a carefree, comfortable life and experience the most interesting things. The confessions of Jennie and Rosé show that they also need their own space to relax after the never-ending schedule.

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