“The possibility of probation is very high…” A lawyer predicts Yoo Ah In’s sentence 

The possibility of probation for actor Yoo Ah In, who is accused of taking drugs, has been raised.

On May 17th, My Daily conducted an interview with lawyer Son Soo Ho of the law firm “Jihyuck”.


According to the report, lawyer Son said, “If everything that has been reported through the media is true, even if Yoo Ah In is a first-time offender, he can’t escape punishment.”

Lawyer Son continued, “However, if he has no previous criminal record of the same kind, and if he sincerely reflects on himself and actively cooperates with the investigation, there’s a very high possibility of probation even if he is sentenced to imprisonment.”


Lawyer Son explained, “There may be parts in which the investigative agency doubts but can’t indict due to lack of evidence, and on the contrary, new details that haven’t been known so far may be added. The statement of people who sold, provided or took drugs together with Yoo Ah In is important. In this case, of course, it’ll affect the sentencing.”

Earlier, Yoo Ah In came out of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug investigation unit at around 6:26 AM on the same day after completing the second investigation in about 21 hours.

To the reporters’ questions, he replied, “I said everything I could. I’m sorry for causing concern.” However, he remained silent when asked if he admitted the drug use charge.

Source: Wikitree

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