“There are too many reporters” Yoo Ah In came to the police station but went back

Actor Yoo Ah In was scheduled to appear at the police station for the second time on May 11th, but returned because there were too many reporters.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug crime investigation unit planned to summon Yoo Ah In as a suspect in violation of the Narcotics Control Act to investigate the type and number of drugs used, the purchasing route as well as whether there were accomplices.


He arrived near the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Mapo building before the scheduled time of the investigation, but returned after conveying his opinion “I can’t attend because there are too many reporters” to the police.

The police notified Yoo Ah In of the investigation schedule again, but it is unclear whether he will attend.

During the first summons in March, when the date of attendance was known to the media, he also protested and delayed the investigation.


Last February, the police took over the analysis result from the National Forensic Service that found 4 types of drugs, including marijuana, propofol, cocaine and ketamine, in Yoo Ah In’s hair and urine.

Afterwards, Yoo Ah In’s medical records captured the situation in which zolpidem, a psychotropic drug, was prescribed for non-medical purposes.

He appeared at the police station once on March 27th and was questioned for a long time. He reportedly denied the rest of the charges, except for some of the charges of using marijuana.

The police will decide whether to apply for an arrest warrant for him after completing the investigation.

Source: Wikitree

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