The place where the quiet “Show Me the Money 9” runner-up was spotted at after 2 years

Here’s an update on the runner-up of “Show Me The Money 9”, who has been on hiatus for 2 years. 

On October 29th, Mnet’s hip hop survival show “Show Me the Money 9” runner-up, rapper Mushvenom appeared in a video posted on the magazine GQ Korea’s official YouTube channel and revealed his current situation.

Show Me the Money Mushvenom

GQ Korea made a video of a barista experience with Mushvenom pouring drip coffee clumsily on Instagram live in the past.

Mushvenom was learning how to brew coffee properly as a daily barista, but a series of his clumsy mistakes ended up drawing laughter.

Show Me the Money Mushvenom

Mushvenom introduced himself, saying, “I am barista Mushvenom. It’s nice to meet you,” and had time to answer about his recent situation.

When asked about his two-year hiatus, Mushvenom said, “I almost only worked on my album for the last two years. I am very curious about the reaction of the full album’s pre-release song. I expected that it would be unfamiliar to people who liked my existing style.”

Show Me the Money Mushvenom

Mushvenom revealed his desire to show a new and improved image. He said that he was trying to walk a different path than others.

I felt that the Internet was another neighborhood. If we do something quirky and unique, there will be people who like it and people who hate it. In that part, I felt that it was fun to overcome those opinions and change them into acceptance and positivity, so I felt like I was starting my career again,” he said. 

Show Me the Money Mushvenom

He also received a question about why he insisted on wearing sunglasses. “I’ve always worn it since my underground days. And it’s better to wear them,” he said while laughing.

Mushvenom started rapping in 2012 as a sophomore in high school. After he became an adult, he wanted to become a full-time worker, but he quit his job after two weeks and embarked on a rapper path.

Show Me the Money Mushvenom

After being discharged from the military as a police officer in 2018, he made a prominent appearance on “Show Me The Money 8” in 2019. He was eliminated from the team selection process, but left a strong impression.

The following year, in “Show Me the Money 9” in 2020, he showed his charm in various styles of beats and became the competition’s runner-up.

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