“The Outlaws 3” started filming with the new villain Lee Joon-hyuk

The movie “The Outlaws 3” starring actor Ma Dong-seok started filming.

On July 25th, distribution company ABO Entertainment drew attention from many people by announcing, “The Outlaws 3 began filming on July 20th.”

Ma Dong-seok and director Lee Sang-yong, who led the box office success of “The Roundup“, will unite once again in “The Outlaws 3”.

the roundup

In addition, Lee Joon-hyuk will play the role of Joo Sung-chul, the third-generation villain who battles against Ma Seok-do (played by Ma Dong-seok), and Munetaka Aoki will take on the role of Riki Yakuza.

Lee Bum-soo and Kim Min-jae will transform into Jang Tae-soo, the head of the regional investigation unit, and Kim Man-jae, Ma Seok-do’s reliable right-hand man, respectively.

the roundup

“Scene stealers” Jeon Seok-ho and Ko Kyu-pil are expected to vitalize the movie by playing Kim Yang-ho and Cho Rong-yi, Ma Seok-do’s unexpected assistants, respectively.

Director Lee Sang-yong said, “I’m happy and honored to greet you once again through ‘The Outlaws 3’. I’m looking forward to working with Lee Joon-hyuk and Munetaka Aoki, who newly joined the team, as well as actor Ma Dong-seok. I’ll do my best to create an interesting work together with actors and staff.”

the roundup

Ma Dong-seok confessed, “I’ll repay you with an interesting movie as many people expect. Please show interest and love for the series ‘The Outlaws’.”

Lee Joon-hyuk shared his thoughts, “I’m really happy and excited to do ‘The Outlaws 3’ with good actors, director and staff. It’s just the beginning, and I hope we can finish it safely without getting hurt. I’ll work hard to greet you with a good movie.”

Meanwhile, “The Outlaws” attracted about 6.88 million viewers, and “The Roundup” currently has a cumulative audience of about 12.68 million.

Attention is focused on whether “The Outlaws 3” will be loved once again following parts 1 and 2.

Source: insight

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