“I have something to say to Kim Yuna”… A man shed tears at the news of Kim Yuna getting married

As figure skating queen Kim Yuna announced her marriage, an unexpected video appeared. 

On July 25th, a video titled “I have something to say to Kim Yuna appeared on the YouTube channel “Psick Univ”, which has a whopping 1.57 million subscribers.

The video features the channel operator Jung Jae Hyung, who was looking straight ahead while wearing gray clothes in front of a black background. His expression hardened. 

In the video, Jung Jae Hyun said: “I have been a long-time fan of Kim Yuna since she was a junior”, while constantly congratulating Kim Yuna on her marriage. 

kim yuna

In the end, the YouTuber prayed for Kim Yuna’s happiness with tears in his eyes. 

jung jae hyung

It was previously announced that former figure skater Kim Yuna will marry Ko Woo Rim, a singer 5 years younger than her, at the Shilla Hotel on October 22nd. 

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