The most hated characters in Korean dramas recently: The most annoying is “Twenty Five, Twenty One” Ko Yu Rim

But it is undeniable that without these characters, the current hot Korean series would become boring.

1. Ko Yu Rim (Twenty Five,Twenty One)

In the first episode of Twenty Five, Twenty One, Ko Yu Rim is the idol of the heroine Hee Doo (Kim Tae Ri), the source of the motivation that made Hee Doo want to transfer schools and determined to pursue fencing.  Netizens thought that when the two were officially a team, the audience would see a dreamlike friendship or at least the fan’s love for the idol.  However, everything soon ended because of Yu Rim‘s bad attitude. From the very beginning, she expressed hatred towards Hee Doo and boycotted her new teammate.  She hates Hee Do because Hee Doo is rich, because when she was young, she lost to Hee DooYu Rim‘s absurd behavior constantly hurts Hee Doo and makes the audience extremely uncomfortable with this character.

2. Si Woo’s Dad (Forecasting Love and Weather)

This character only featured in a few moments, but he is the one who irritates “Forecasting Love and Weather” fans. He had only ever been interested in gambling. Si Woo (Song Kang) feels disgusted by him and refuses to meet his biological father. He was the one who drove Si Woo into a situation that he didn’t have a place to live and was continually inventing reasons to get money from his son. He even went to meet his “future daughter-in-law” to ask for money when he found out Si Woo was dating Ha Kyung.

3. Kang Sun Joo – Jin Seok’s Wife (Thirty Nine)

This character is always definitely in love, stubbornly doing everything to keep Jin Seok by her side.  In the past, she even got pregnant with someone else and used the pregnancy to force Jin Seok to marry her.  This action makes Sun Joo‘s blind love at the present time become absurd and despicable in the eyes of the audience.

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