Kim Ji-yeon (WJSN’s Bona), who drives viewers mad with her behavior as Kim Tae-ri’s rival in ‘Twenty Five, Twenty One’, regrets her action

The character Ko Yu-rim, played by Kim Ji-yeon (WJSN’s Bona) in ‘Twenty Five, Twenty One’, is making the audience angry. 

tvN’s ongoing drama ‘Twenty Five, Twenty One‘ tells the story of five young people as they go through pure and fierce growth, experience the excitement, worries and hardships, along with friendship and romance of their youth. 

‘Twenty Five, Twenty One’ focuses on the journey of Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri), a fencer and Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk). Kim Ji-yeon plays Ko Yu-rim, the youngest fencing gold medalist at the age of 18. 

Twenty Five Twenty One

Ko Yu-rim has a reverse charm. She is filled with charisma during the game, but has a lovely side to her in daily life. However, in order to protect her title as a medalist, she has an intense and bitter rivalry with Na Hee-do. 

In the 7th episode aired on March 5th, Na Hee-do and Ko Yu-rim faced each other at the Asian Games final. With the referee deciding the match point for Na Hee-do, she eventually won the gold medal.

Twenty Five Twenty One

Feeling unfair, Ko Yu-rim protested fiercely against the referee’s judgment and even shed tears on the podium, igniting a dispute over the referee’s final decision. In particular, Ko Yu-rim made the controversy become more intense by saying, “It was a misjudgment”, when answering questions from reporters at the press conference.

When the reporters poured out questions about Ko Yu-rim’s crying due to unfairness and the possibility of the referee giving a wrong judgment, Na Hee-do took off her gold medal and left the press conference.

Twenty Five Twenty One

In the 8th episode, which was recently aired on the evening of March 6th, Ko Yu-rim met Baek Yi-jin and expressed her regret of making Na Hee-do be criticized by the whole nation. 

When visiting Ko Yu-rim’s house, Baek Yi-jin asked, “I heard you got kicked out of the athletes’ village?”. Upon hearing this, Go Yu-rim angrily talked back, “Did Na Hee-do tell you? Why did you hear everything from her?”

Baek Yi-jin replied, “Not even you are doing this to me. The whole nation is criticizing Na Hee-do to the point that she can’t even eat well”. Ko Yu-rim said, “I protested against the referee becauseI believed I was faster. I didn’t know Na Hee-do would be criticized by the whole nation due to my action. I just did everything I could as an athlete”.

When Baek Yi-jin said, “It means that more people are cheering for you than you think,” Ko Yu-rim responded, “If such support is a way to criticize, I don’t need that kind of cheering.” Baek Yi-jin said, “It’s not up to you to choose. That’s the life of a star.” Ko Yu-rim refuted, “What do you mean a star? I’m an athlete.”

However, Baek Yi-jin said, “All you can choose is whether to eat tteokbokki or not,” and warned that things in the world do not go as planned.

After watching the broadcasts, the viewers got angry at Ko Yu-rim’s behaviors that prevent people from acknowledging and respecting Na Hee-do’s victory although it was achieved with a fair match. On the other hand, some people who sympathized with Ko Yu-rim responded, “I can understand Ko Yu-rim because this character is realistic”.

Meanwhile, Kim Ji-yeon, who plays Ko Yu-rim, is well-known as Bona from the idol girl group WJSN. She has emerged as a rising actress after appearing in KBS2’s “Girls’ Generation 1979” and “Your House Helper”.

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