The meaning of IU’s couple ring that she has been wearing for years and her partner’s surprising identity

Can you guess who is the special one that wears the couple ring with IU?

When paying close attention, it is easy to notice that IU always wears a ring on her finger wherever she goes: at concerts, to the airport, when she takes selfies… This accessory looks quite ordinary at first glance, but the meaning behind it is what piques the curiosity of netizens. Because this is a couple ring!

So who could be the owner of the other ring? Could it belong to IU’s lover or someone extremely important to her? The answer is the latter. In fact, this is the couple ring of IU with her own fans – Uaena.

At her 10th debut anniversary fan meeting, IU gave Uaena the remaining ring as a gift to express her gratitude. IU wears the ring everywhere to show her love for Uaenas and that IU always keeps the fans by her side no matter where she goes.

The ring is engraved with a soundwave symbol, which means: “Violets, I am always on your side”. Besides Uaena, IU also calls her fans violets because she feels that her fans resemble this flower: at first glance, it might look weak but it silently shines from within, tiny but always resilient.  

The simple ring that IU always wears turns out to carry a heartfelt meaning. IU is known to be very sweet, but her affection for fans to the point of wearing a ring all the time and everywhere she goes is truly endearing. 


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