From leaking BLACKPINK’s song to breaking the blinds, Somi keeps getting in trouble with YG! 

Somi is probably gonna get scolded by YG after what she did lately. 

Recently, in a special interview with Cosmopolitan, Somi caused yet another trouble for the company. When doing a challenge to test her balance, Somi was asked to spin around for ten times, then stare at the camera for 10 seconds. But she eventually had an “epic fail” as she fell to the ground and even broke the company’s window blinds. 

jeon somi
Somi tested her secret talents in the interview 
jeon somi
But she ended up causing trouble
jeon somi
After spinning around ten times, she fell against the window, ruining the blinds
jeon somi
But she still didn’t forget to do a cool pose while staring at the camera to complete the challenge, but she was labeled Epic Fail by the editor
jeon somi
When a girl with a black belt in taekwondo accidentally fell, the consequence is serious

Somi ruining the blinds reminds fans that only three days ago, Somi just made a mess that caused YG to quickly fix the situation. 

During the livestream, Somi accidentally entered the recording studio and revealed a piece of music that was suspected to be BLACKPINK’s upcoming comeback song. At that moment Somi also knew that she had made a big mistake, and became panicked and worried. YG then quickly copyrighted all videos with the above music, Somi’s livestream video was also deleted of course.

jeon somi
Somi’s panicked face after accidentally spoiling BLACKPINK’s music

Netizens’ comments:

  • I think Somi is about to sell her car to pay the fine!
  • YG will scold her. Someone save her!
  • Her manager must have a headache. Let’s raise her manager’s salary!
jeon somi
YG’s staff must get tired by now
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