It is revealed that Han So-hee used to work part-time 12 hours a day for 6 days a week to pay off her mother’s debts

It is reported that actress Han So-hee used to work part-time 6 days a week in order to pay off her mother’s debt.

On March 7th, reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin-ho uploaded a video titled, “She grew up with her grandmother’s care? Explanations, misunderstandings and truths about Han So-hee”, was uploaded on his Youtube channel.

Lee Jin-ho said, “During the time she was an unknown actress, Han So-hee paid off her mother (Mrs. Shin)’s debt of 20 million won”.

Han So-hee

Citing what Han So-hee’s acquaintance said, the Youtuber explained, “Han So-hee’s parents divorced when she was 5 years old so she grew up with her maternal grandmother’s love. Later when Han So-hee turned 17, she moved to Ulsan, where her mother was living, with her grandmother, but did not see her mother often. Han So-hee and her mother still lived separately.”

Lee Jin-ho continued, “The mother (Shin) did not raise and take care of Han So-hee properly. At this time, she opened a bank account under Han So-hee’s name and caused problems. Han So-hee, who decided to go to Ulsan just because she missed her mother, was seriously hurt after knowing her mother’s action”, adding, “After becoming an adult, she went to Seoul without looking back. Since then, they have rarely contacted each other but then the problem was her mother’s debt. It is said that Han So-hee received a call from her mother who said ‘I’m having a hard time due to money issues’ then paid off her mother’s debts by working part-time alone. I heard the amount of money was up to 20 million won”.

Han So-hee

Lee Jin-ho revealed that Han So-hee had to work a total of 12 hours from 6 P.M to 6 A.M for six days a week at a pub. The Youtuber added, “She spent all her money, but received the news of her mother’s another debt. It is said that the debts have been out of control since after her debut. Eventually, Han So-hee draws a clear line with her mother because she cannot handle her mother’s issues anymore”.

After it was reported that the mother of a famous celebrity was sued for vomiting a fraud of 85 million won, Han So-hee’s name was revealed by Youtuber Lee Jin-ho so the actress immediately released a firm statement on March 7th through her agency, 9ato Entertainment. Han So-hee’s side said, “The artist’s mother, Mrs. Shin, used a bank account created under the name of Han So-hee in her process of borrowing money. Shin opened a bank account when Han So-hee was a minor and used it to borrow money (without Han So-hee’s knowing), revealing the damages caused by Han So-hee’s mother. They added, “Several similar incidents had happened. There was even a forgery of private documents.”

The company also directly disclosed the court ruling, “A series of such cases led to civil trials, but the court clearly drew a line that Han So-hee was not related.”

This is not the first time Han So-hee’s mother has been in debt. In 2020, Han So-hee once apologized, “I tried to pay off my mother’s debts to the greatest extent that I could reach, but the amount grew beyond my control”, adding, “I thought paying off the debt on behalf of her was the only solution”. At that time, the actress talked about her family stories and drew a clear line with her mother.

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