The latest news of the court lady who was tortured 24 years ago on “Dragon’s Tears”

Ha Ji-won, who started as a minor actor, has built up her career with splendid filmography. She recently transformed from an actress to writer.

Ha Ji-won is an actress with a wide spectrum of acting that suits any genre of characters, including good and evil roles, pure and cute role, strong and sexy roles, modern dramas, historical dramas, melodramas, and action dramas.

In 1996, she made her debut in the entertainment industry with the KBS youth drama “New Generation Report – Adults Don’t Understand Us,” and it is said that she dreamed of becoming an actress after watching Go Doo-sim’s performance in “Dancing Gayago.”

ha ji won

She is such a famous actress that her name even appears in the lyrics of the song “So Hot” by Wonder Girls, a girl group representing the 2nd generation idols, but she was also once a minor actress.

Ha Ji-won, who played a minor role in the 1998 drama “Dragon’s Tears” as the courtesan Na-in Noh under Taejong Lee Bang-won and was tortured by Queen Wongyeong.

At that time, her outstanding appearance caught the eyes of viewers at once, but it did not go viral because the Internet was not as developed as it is now.

ha ji won

Later, she began to make her name known in earnest through her role as a rebellious child in the coming-of-age drama “School 2” and quickly rose to popular stardom through the movie “Sex Is Zero.”

She has completely established herself as a representative actress in Korea after appearing in the MBC drama “Damo,” which made her face widely known, forcing countless men to shout “Are you hurt, I’m hurt, too.”

ha ji won

After going viral with that drama, she then succeeded in succession with “What Happened in Bali,”Hwang Jini,” and “Miracles on 1st Street.”

Starting in 2009, Ha Ji-won’s career peaked. The movie “Haeundae,” starring the actress, recorded more than 10 million viewers, marking her first time to surpass 10 million viewers. At the time of filming, Ha Ji-won surprised Busan citizens by speaking in dialect with Seol Kyung-gu in daily life and using a native-level fluent dialect.

Ha Ji-won has a lot of famous dramas, but to choose the most famous work, it must be “Secret Garden,” which is loved by women of all ages. Thanks to this drama, she won four awards at the SBS Drama Awards, including the “Best Actress” award.

ha ji won

After that, she appeared in “Empress Ki,” which recorded an audience rating of nearly 30% and won the MBC Drama Award, proving her class. At one point, “Empress Ki” got into a controversy of distorting history, and there was even an opinion that “I’m worried she might be even more glorified because she’s so good at acting.”

Recently, Ha Ji-won appeared on the news more as a writer rather than an actress. Ha Ji-won, who is so obsessed with painting that her social media is full of paintings, has participated in exhibitions and even sold her works. However, netizens who saw her intricate paintings gave various evaluations, commenting “What is this?“, “I don’t think I know art”, “The world of art is really difficult”, “Well, there must be someone who wants to buy those but…” and so on.

ha ji won

On the other hand, Ha Ji-won, who had been quiet as an actress, has recently confirmed her appearance as the female lead in the new KBS drama “Curtain Call,” continuing her efforts to show a new side.

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