Decoding the remaining mysteries in “The Glory Part 2”:  The sudden chilling death of the shaman, what happened? 

The reason the shaman died

The shaman is the right-hand woman of Park Yeon Jin’s family in helping the shady businesses of the family. She uses her god to manipulate others. Aware of the ongoing business, Dong Eun approached her with the intention of having her pretend to be possessed by the spirit of So Hee in order to spook Yeon Jin. Yet, in the end, the shaman actually received the highest punishment from the god, causing Yeon Jin to flee for her life while Dong Eun realized So Hee has been by her side all along. 

The Glory 2

Yeo Jeong’s mom appeared the moment Dong Eun tries to take her own life 

Near the end of the series, after finishing her lifelong revenge work, Dong Eun chose a private place to take her own life. However, Yeo Jeong’s mother appeared out of thin air and asked her to rescue Yeo Jeong from the hell he was living. To this detail, viewers speculated, perhaps, Yeo Jeong’s mother might have been keeping an eye on Dong Eun. She might have looked into the case of So Hee to understand what Dong Eun had been going through. That is why, when Dong Eun was about to jump off the building, she was there to keep her alive. 

The Glory 2

Why was Jae Joon at the construction site of Ha Do Young after the car accident? 

The audience also wondered why Jae Joon was at the construction site managed by Ha Do Young and was not dead right away after the accident. For a man losing his sight and going through an accident, Jae Joon surely could not have done it by himself. There must have been a setup by Ha Do Young, partially guaranteed when Jae Joon received direction to be at a destination he had not known about before. 

Yeo Jeong went crazy at court 

What made Yeo Jeong went crazy when the killer received a life sentence was that, instead of showing remorse, the killer only used a pencil to scratch the scar and laughed manacingly. It was a reminder of who gave him the life he was having to be at the court, Yeo Jeong’s father. That was why Yeo Jeong tried to launch himself at the killer at the court. 

The Glory 2

Dong Eun and Yeo Jeong worked at the prison 

In the ending, Yeo Jeong’s revenge was fast-forwarded but still managed to pique the viewers’ interest. At first, Yeo Jeong could not get the job at the prison keeping the killer because of his relations to the deceased. However, with connection, Dong Eun indirectly impacted on the prison transfer of the killer to which Yeo Jeong was working. With the transfer, Yeo Jeong could fufill his promise to make the killer life a living hell. He personally got close to other prisoners and guards and gave out an ominous warning that the killer should bewear of what he drank, ate, or what his fellow inmate might plot against him. 

So Hee’s pregnancy 

The Glory 2

So Hee’s pregnancy is a detail only revealed later on in the drama. Not only was it a way for Yeon Jin to escape her murder of the poor girl, it was a karma for Jae Joon, the father of the child So Hee was carrying and the one who gave Yeon Jin the alibi of the night she pushed So Hee off the building. In the end, it serves him that he could never be Ye Sol’s father, despite the biological connection. 

Source: K14

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