The Kpop lineup at the MAMA 2022: Somi stunned with her immaculate visual, male idol groups turned heads with dashing looks 

Idol groups and solo artists boasted their individual colors at the red carpet runway. 

LE SSERAFIM was the first girl group to appear on the red carpet with black-and-white outfits. Fans were mostly disappointed with Kazuha’s outfits and hair styling, stating it to be predictable and boring. 

LE SSERAFIM made an early entrance at the MAMA 2022 but was criticized in terms of their outfits. (Image: Osen) 
The visuals were on point but the outfits were not suitable. (Image: Naver) 

NMIXX was an anticipated rookie coming from one of the Big3 companies but did not live up to the expectation in regards to their questionable appearances, unpolished music works and lack of impactful marketing. Their outfits for the MAMA red carpet were also lackluster with questionable outfit choices especially for Jiwoo and Lily. 

Their black attires were not matching on the carpet. (Image: Osen)
This was one of the signs of JYP’s lack of care to the rookie girl group. (Image: KpopHerald) 
Nonetheless, Sullyoon’s visual still shone through the photographic lens. (Image: Osen) 
Jinni cut her hair in bangs for the first time since debut. (Image: Naver) 

Kep1er stole the spotlight with white-and-pink outfits that exuded soft femininity. Bahiyyih drew attention with her new pastel pink hair and a starkly light complexion. The outfits were synchronized. Yeseo looked like a princess while Xiaoting boasted of her elite class. 

The white-and-pink dress code complemented their stunning visuals. (Image: Osen) 
Lee Jung
YG’s dancer Lee Jung showed off a cool look with a slinky dress covered by a puffy jacket. (Image: Osen)
Kang Hana
Lee Jung radiated a cool, ‘YG’ feel from her look on the red carpet. (Image: Osen) 

Kang Hana also wore a black bodycon dress with light makeup that radiated confidence in front of the camera, boasting a flawless visual. 

Kang Hana
Kang Hana showed off her captivating physique. (Image: Naver) 
KARA was the sole second-generation girl group at MAMA 2022. (Image: Naver) 
Kang Daniel
Kang Daniel flexed his handsomeness on the red carpet. (Image: Naver) 

Jeon Somi attended MAMA 2022 as the host for the award. The singer strutted in a bright yellow dress that accentuated her smooth complexion. Her blonde hair and Western features as well as proportionate figure drew attention. 

Jeon Somi
Jeon Somi looked stunning on the MAMA red carpet as the host. (Image: Naver) 
Jeon Somi
She boasted an impressive height. (Image: MHN Sports) 
BIBI- Hyolin
BIBI and Hyolin rocked the carpet with uniqueness. (Image: Newsen) 
Male idols were also stunning on the award evening with TXT holding hopes to take home deserving wins. 
Jaechan (DKZ) looked attractive on the carpet. (Image: Naver) 
JO1 guys were elevated in grey suits. (Image: Naver) 
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