The Korean public is shocked over anti fans’ recruitment of malicious commenters targeting Jang Won Young

It is reported that Jang Won Young’s anti fans hire people to write malicious comments about the idol.

Recently, there was a controversial article on the internet. The article has the content to recruit malicious commenters targeting Jang Wonyoung. In addition, the writer was shocked when talking about the cost: “You will be paid 50 KRW for short comments and 100 KRW for long comments“.

In fact, there are many videos attacking Jang Wonyoung that are continuously posted on Youtube, causing heated controversy. Regardless of whether the recruitment above took place or not, many people are shocked that there are anti fans who hold such a grudge against an 18-year-old female idol.

Having been loved by the Korean public since participating in the survival show “Produce 101“, however, since her debut with IVE after IZ*ONE disbanded, Jang Won Young has received more and more hate from the Korean netizens. Regarding this, a person who worked in the same industry with IZ*ONE at the time of promotion said, “It is true that Jang Wonyoung received a lot of attention and favor at that time. I think the malicious comments are a public reaction to Jang Wonyoung’s rapid development”.

Regarding the issue of Jang Wonyoung being held responsible for the termination of IZ*ONE‘s activities, another official said, “The former members of IZ*ONE are all doing solo activities or promoting their groups. By doing this, aren’t people (netizens) restraining Jang Wonyoung?”

The management company Starship Entertainment also had to deal with malicious public opinion directed at Jang Wonyoung. The company revealed that it is hiring a team to monitor and collect posts that may damage the reputation of the company’s artists, thereby laying the groundwork for future lawsuits.

Thus, according to the analysis, the aversion that a part of the audience has for Jang Wonyoung may be due to the female idol’s excessive popularity or to prevent it. Whatever the reason, such systematic assault on an 18-year-old girl is deeply offensive and unacceptable.


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