Han Ga-in: “I’ve never changed my clothes or farted in front of Yeon Jung-hoon”

Han Ga-in said that she and her husband Yeon Jung-hoon keep basic things such as changing clothes and physiological phenomenon.

On SBS’s national youth counseling project “Circle House“, which aired on March 31st, Han Ga-in confessed that she and her husband Yeon Jung-hoon keep what they have to keep.

Han Ga-in-Yeon Jung-hoon-Circle House

On this day’s broadcast, a groom-to-be (Ye-rang) and bride-to-be (Ye-shin), who are about to get married, appeared as a couple and shared their concerns about losing excitement after marriage. Ye-rang and Ye-shin met as customer and hair designer and they are about to get married after three years of dating. Ye-shin confessed, “I thought about marriage for the first time after meeting Ye-rang. He asked me ‘What kind of wedding do you want to have?’ and nurtured my fantasy about marriage.”

Ye-shin wanted a fancy wedding that much, but Han Ga-in simply said, “The memories of the wedding mean nothing.” Oh Eun-young added, “I’ve been to a lot of weddings. All brides are beautiful. I can’t remember what they wore or what they ate. If you live happily after the wedding, it’ll be remembered as a happy wedding. Unfortunately, I only remember the things that bothered me on the day of the wedding.”

Han Ga-in-Yeon Jung-hoon-Circle House

When asked if Han Ga-in, who has been married for 17 years, still has any excitement left, Han Ga-in replied, “Isn’t there something wrong with your heart if you’ve been excited for 17 years?” Oh Eun-young said the issue of whether to fart in the excitement between couples is also important. Upon hearing this, Ye-rang and Ye-shin revealed both of them are keeping the line by using the hotel lobby bathroom.

Ye-shin said, “When the signal comes, I turn up the TV volume, go into the bathroom, and turn up the volume of my phone.” In response, Han Ga-in joined, “I agree. I don’t fart either. Absolutely. I will run to the bathroom when I get a signal. Close the door before doing it as well. There are times when it comes out really unintentionally. When it leaks out regardless of my intention, I will say “Oh no” to the children and pretend that it’s not me,” she explained her cute way of reacting to the situation.

Han Ga-in-Yeon Jung-hoon-Circle House

Lee Jung also agreed, “It’s not polite so you can’t fart in front of others. If you can’t do it in front of others, isn’t it right not to do it even in front of your lover?” Lee Seung-gi said, “On the contrary, I will fully understand that action of my lover,” adding, “If you’re lovers, I think you can show things you can’t show others.”

In addition, Lee Jung asked the guests, “Do you think you will love your wife less if she is less pretty?” Ye-shin said, “It is also difficult to compare myself to other women. When my mother wakes up in the morning, she puts on makeup first thing first and says to me, ‘Are you going to just stay like that? Put on some makeup’. I think she has drilled into my mind the idea that women should try hard too so that men’s minds don’t change.”

Han Ga-in-Yeon Jung-hoon-Circle House

Ga-in sympathized with the woman, saying, “I’ve never changed my clothes in front of my husband before. Never. I don’t like to show him that. I’m nervous too, and I wish he cherishes himself as well. Just a little bit of each other. I’m not asking him to be too perfect. You can take your time showing your getting-older self. I just wish I could maintain myself to some extent. I don’t just wear anything.”

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