It turned out that “The Glory” Son Myeong Oh was the top student of Korea National University of Arts – School of Drama

There are many viewers who are obsessed with Netflix’s “The Glory”.

The Glory” viewers are also paying explosive attention to the actors.

In particular, actor Kim Gun Woo, who played Son Myeong Oh in the drama, attracted many people’s attention by showing off his charisma with long hair tied tightly.

The Glory

As many people fell in love with Kim Gun Woo’s charm, his past is being re-examined.

When appearing in a video posted on the YouTube channel “GOODPEOPLE” in 2020, Kim Gun Woo had a conversation with the production team while drunk.

On this day, the production team said they heard rumors that Kim Gun Woo attended the Korea National University of Arts on a scholarship and was the “top” of the school.

The Glory

Kim Gun Woo nodded shyly and said, “There are schools. ‘School of Drama’ has 6 departments.

He revealed, “Each school has a top student. Each department also has a top student. I’m the top of School of Drama.

Kim Gun Woo added to the surprise by saying that actor Yang Se Jong, his same-age friend at the Korea National University of Arts, was the department’s top student at that time.

When the video was re-examined, many people responded explosively, such as “He was really good at acting” and “I was immersed in ‘The Glory’ thanks to Kim Gun Woo.


Meanwhile, writer Kim Eun Sook of “The Glory” praised Kim Gun Woo among many candidates for Son Myeong Oh in a commentary video recently released through Netflix Korea’s official YouTube channel.

She said, “Director Ahn sent me the audition videos. Of the many candidates for Myeong Oh, I saw this guy called Gun Woo. That’s when I said, ‘Director, this guy!’ So he was chosen unanimously.


Source: Insight

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