Little girl hugged by Lisa and Rosé post-concert: Pretty as an angel, outstanding background

The image of a little girl being hugged by BLACKPINK Lisa and Rosé after the Bangkok concert is becoming a hot topic.

After completing the Bangkok stop of the BORN PINK World Tour, BLACKPINK member Lisa had the chance to meet friends and acquaintances in her home nation, Thailand. In particular, she reunited with Thai’s famous beauty Dianaa Flipo and Nickhun’s younger sister Cherreen. 

Following such meetings, an image of an angel-like little girl being hugged by Lisa and Rosé immediately got the attention of Thai netizens. It is known that the little girl’s name is Liyah, and that she has an outstanding background. 

Liyah made a heart with Lisa
And was tightly hugged by Rosé after BLACKPINK’s concert in Bangkok 

Despite standing next to world-famous idols Lisa and Rosé, Liyah shines in her own ways. In particular, her doll-like face and cute smile got her compared to an “angel”. Fans of BLACKPINK, meanwhile, jokingly express their jealousy with the girl, but at the same time show their fondness.

In addition, according to Liyah’s mother on her Instagram, Liyah was very happy to take photos with Lisa and Rosé. More surprisingly, Lisa even introduced Liyah to Rosé so they could take a photo together. 

Liyah’s mother said: “Your wish came true, Liyah, Lisa is so cute. She even took her to see Rosé. Thank you, Diana Flipo for taking the photos.”
Liyah took a picture with Lisa and Diana Flipo 4 years ago

Liyah’s mother is also a well-known figure. She is actress and model Tanya Tanyares. Liyah’s father is businessman Peck Sanchai Engtrakul.

The married life of Liyah’s parents made headlines due to scandals. Tanya Tanyares accused her husband of cheating on her multiple times. However, the two are still living together, all because of Liyah.

liyah family
Liyah’s mother is a veteran Thai actress loved for her villain role in various Thai dramas. She is married to businessman Peck Sanchai.
Liyah’s pretty appearance 
She is a true Blink

Source: Khaosod, Teenee

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