This actor earned the nickname “Kim Woo Bin look-alike” after starring in “The Glory”

“The Glory”, which enjoyed massive popularity, also boosted the career of its cast members, including this “Kim Woo Bin look-alike”

The Glory“, which was recently released on Netflix, tells the story of a woman whose soul was shattered by violence in her childhood and the desperate revenge she has prepared meticulously throughout her life.

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“The Glory” is a work that has garnered attention even before its release with a solid lineup of leading actors such as Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun, Lim Ji Yeon, and Yeom Hye Ran, as well as being written by Kim Eun Sook .

The Glory

In this drama, Kim Gun Woo assumes the role of Son Meong Oh, a person who accompanied Yeon Jin, Jae Jun, Sa Ra, and Hye Jeong, who bullied the female lead Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), when they were students. 

Kim Gun Woo made his acting debut in 2017 with the role of star fighter Kim Tak Soo, a rival of Park Seo Joon in “Fight For My Way”. Since then, he has built up his filmography by stably attempting various genres, going from “Live”, “Less than Evil”, “Catch The Ghost”, to “Record of Youth”. 

The Glory

Kim Gun Woo, who recently played a character with a cheerful charm, is now drawing attention by showing off a proper villainous side as “The Glory” character Son Myeong Oh.

In an interview with a media outlet, Kim Gun Woo said, “‘The Glory’ really feels like a gift to me. I am extremely grateful for this drama, which has awakened the pure passion for acting that I had forgotten for a while. So I wanted to contribute to this project in some way.”

He also added, “Thank you again to all the actors and staff, including writer Kim Eun Sook and director Ahn Gil Ho, who accepted me as a member of ‘The Glory’. We ask for your interest and support for ‘The Glory’, which was made with everyone’s passion and love.”

Kim Gun-woo

As Kim Gun Woo plays an active role in Kim Eun Sook’s work, Kim Woo Bin, who has been reborn as a leading role in another work helmed by Kim Eun Sook, is also being mentioned.

In particular, with sharp facial features and a strong personality, Kim Gun Woo is said to be a “Kim Woo Bin look-alike”. 

Kim Gun-woo

Regarding this nickname, Kim Gun Woo revealed his humbleness and said, “I sometimes hear such comments, but I get so embarrassed. I only resemble him a little bit.”

Currently, it is assumed that Kim Gun Woo died first among the five perpetrators in “The Glory”, but the story related to his character is expected to continue in the next season.

Kim Gun-woo
Kim Gun-woo

Meanwhile, “The Glory”, directed by Ahn Gil Ho and written by Kim Eun Sook, has 8 episodes in Season 1, and Season 2 is scheduled to be released in March.

In response, netizens left comments such as, “Waiting until March is too much,” “Season 2 coming out in March is the true revenge,” “The actors really showed their best performances,” and “From the script, the acting, to the directing, everything is insane.”

Source: Daum

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