“The Glory” Shin Ye Eun was mistaken for a real school bully? Even scolded by a citizen

Actress Shin Ye Eun revealed she is 30% similar to “The Glory” Park Yeon Jin and disclosed a memorable episode that happened while filming. 

On April 1st, a video titled “You’re cool, Yeon Jin-ah! Behind-the-scenes story of ‘The Glory’ unveiled for the first time by young Yeon Jin – Shin Yeeun” was published on the official YouTube channel of The Star Magazine. 

shin ye eun

In the video, Shin Ye Eun said her MBTI is “INTJ” and said that it matches her so well that she’s trying to live in a different way. 

Regarding her ideal type, the actress said, “I like someone when I have something to learn (from them). But rather than incredibly rich or talented (people), I think I’m attracted to those who have good things I don’t have, or when I see a polite appearance, or when a smile is pretty.”

Shin Ye Eun then revealed she doesn’t drink alcohol, surprising everyone. “I don’t drink because I don’t like it and don’t know its taste. It’s like my conviction”, she said seriously.

According to the actress, she is a listener who often becomes blunt with close friends, to the point of speaking barely 10 words in 3 hours.

She then mentioned wanting to appear on SBS’s “Running Man” and MBC’s “I Live Alone” and revealed that her “small happiness” entails eating delicious food and watching soccer games.

shin ye eun

In the same interview, Shin Ye Eun also disclosed her feelings about appearing in Netflix’s original drama “The Glory”, saying, “More people complimented and encouraged me than I thought, so I’m encouraged by this so much. I feel like I have the confidence to challenge various roles in the future, so now I want to expand my career as much as possible. Thank you.”

Regarding her synchronization rate with Park Yeon Jin from “The Glory”, Shin Ye Eun answered, “Shouldn’t it be similar? Maybe 30%? I would say 30%. I can’t say that we don’t look alike at all because Yeon Jin’s expression, tone, and appearance are from me.”

At the same time, the actress thanked those who praised her acting, saying, “I almost cried. When others kept saying, ‘others complimented you so much’, I think I kept avoiding it like ‘don’t do that~’ but thank you.”

Finally, Shin Ye Eun shared a memorable episode on the filming site of “The Glory”. “It was a prop shooting day, so there was no shooting team, and it was just me, Ji So, and the assistant director. She was wearing makeup, and I was at the moment when I had to shoot for a bullying scene,” the actress recalled, adding that a citizen later saw the bullying scene and tried to stop her. 

The citizen’s gesture helped Shin Ye Eun believe in the world, though she did have to clarify that the bullying scene was only acting. 

Source: Daum

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