EXO Kai came out of the fitting room and told fan “You’re pretty” (Lean on me, 2023)

EXO Kai delivered warm encouragement and support to his “true fan”.

The video of episode 9 of “Lean on me, 2023”, which was released on Dingo Story’s official YouTube channel on March 25th, has been on a steady rise since its release and is receiving explosive responses from global fans.


In particular, the scene in which Kai made a surprise appearance in front of the fan after changing clothes in the fitting room, smiled brightly and told her “You’re pretty” is constantly being shared on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and other SNS.

In the comment section of the video, there were comments such as “It feels like they aren’t just fan and singer, but colleagues who have been together for 11 years”, “Can I see EXO up close like that before I die?”, “If I were her, I’d cry on my knees”, “I was jealous at first, but I’m glad both Kai and the fan had a good time”…


“Lean on me” is Dingo’s killer content that has been produced since 2016. It is a reality program in which stars who have achieved their dreams visit fans who are running towards their dreams to convey support and hope.


In the video, Kai told Yu An, who said last year was the most difficult year in her life, “There are times when things are like that. I think you have to give yourself some slack. Trying to be happy, and continuously thinking about it. I think you end up being happy. I’m trying to be a little more positive.”

Yu An said, “Your birthday is in January. So, it became my motivation. To think to myself, let’s live this year well again!” Hearing this, Kai expressed gratitude towards his “true fan” without hesitation, “It really boosts me up too! I have to see my fans to cheer up and get through the year. Hearing that I gave you some strength, I feel so, so good.”

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