“The Glory” star Jung Sung Il, “Kindergarten teachers asked my 7-year-old son for my autograph”

Actor Jung Sung Il revealed his feelings about the huge success of Netflix’s original series “The Glory”.

In an interview before the release of Netflix’s “The Glory” Part 2, Jung Sung Il said, “Ha Do Yeong will express everything he has endured until now. In the process of dealing with different issues, he hits rock bottom in his own life… I wonder if the viewers will understand the choice Ha Do Young makes. I don’t know if they would sympathize with him or question whether he had to make such a decision.”

jung sung il

Appearing on a variety show recently, the actor also talked about the keen attention he had been receiving thanks to “The Glory”. He said, “I think I’ve come this far because I’m lucky. Of course, I’ve been doing various acting activities and doing my best every time, but this time, I earned such big luck that could exceed my abilities and efforts. In fact, there are also many people who always prepare themselves with endless efforts, but it depends on luck that they get a good opportunity”, expressing his gratitude.

jung sung il

Jung Sung Il continued, “Everything is really happy to me these days, but the happiest thing is seeing my family feel happy (laughs). One day, my 7-year-old son came back from kindergarten and he said his teachers asked him for my autograph. I was very happy that I could do something for my young son, who didn’t even know what an autograph was.”

jung sung il

Regarding his future plans, he said, “I’m being very careful and cautious now. I have received many casting offers, but I’m taking some time to think about them. I know that the next step is very important for me and the people I work with. I’m doing meetings with my company staff. I think it’s okay to go a little slowly, so I want to make choices that can help me make progress every time.”

Source: Nate

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