The fierce battle between upcoming K-Pop rookie teams

2022 is the year of many anticipated rookie groups from top agencies such as SM, JYP, YG, HYBE, Starship…

2022 will be a year of fierce battles between K-Pop girlgroups. Among them, the most anticipated one is no doubt the JYP Entertainment‘s rookie group.

JYP is well known for its ability to create a good girlgroup. Every girlgroup of this company has all risen to the top tier, including Wonder Girls, Miss A, TWICE, ITZY. This is the reason why fans are highly anticipating their new girlgroup.

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Members of the JYP rookie team are slowly revealed one by one. The already revealed ones are Jinni, Jiwoo, Kyujin, and Sulyoon.

Their visual is also predicted to be part of the new generation K-pop’s goddess line. Apart from that, they also show off some of their skill such as vocal and dance through introduction videos and is highly praised by the netizens.

YG’s girlgroup is considered as one of the top rival of JYP’s. However, there’s still not much info about them apart from their current name, which is Baby Monsters.

According to many sources, YG’s new group consists of members in their 15 to 16, and is predicted to be the youngest girlgroup ever of YG Entertainment.

yg entertaiment baby monsters 08102021

The chosen trainees are, of course, the best trainees with about 4-5 years of training. They are predicted to follow a totally different music route comparing to their senior 2NE1 and BLACKPINK.

Another worthy opponent comes from former members of the group IZ*ONE.

Even though there is still no official statement yet, many media outlets have reported that Source Music (a part of HYBE Corporation) will debut a new girlgroup with some members of IZ*ONE: Miyawaki Sakura, Kim Chaewon and Kim Minjoo.

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Two other members of IZ*ONE, Jang Won Young and Ahn Yu Jin, are confirmed to debut with a 5-member group under Starship Entertainment.

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This is a group with a lot of potential because in addition to the 2 members who have been active in IZ * ONE, the other names that are rumored to debut are 2 famous trainees who used to be under SM Rookies: Ko Eun and Lami.

In addition, HYBE Corporation will launch a girl group version of the popular Mnet survival show I-LAND.

The battle of male rookie groups that will debut in 2022 is also very “hot” and cannot be ignored.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment is said to be preparing a “new NCT” consisting of members such as Jaemin, Jeno, Jisung… In addition, they have plans to debut a new boy group. Undoubtedly, the boy group from SM will make the fans extraordinarily anticipating and excited.

sm entertainment 23092021

SM’s longtime competitor JYP also has a plan. The members for this company’s new boy group have been confirmed, including Yoonmin, Lee Gye Hun, Amaru, Keiju, and Lee Dong Hyeon. These are the members selected through the TV show “LOUD” that JYP collaborated with P NATION (PSY’s company).

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The “younger brother” group of BTS and TXT is also expected to launch Big Hit Label in 2022. Some sources say that the young male rapper Jo Woo Chan who caused a frenzy at Show Me The Money, will be in the debut lineup.

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hybe 08102021

In addition to the groups from top entertainment companies, it is also impossible to ignore other groups under Cube Entertainment, Yue Hua Entertainment, and Brand New Music.

These companies also plan to launch new boy groups in 2022. The groups under these companies all have members who have participated in Mnet’s survival show Produce.

Cube’s new boy group is said to include Yoo Seon Ho, a trainee who was loved through Produce 101 season 2.

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Ahn Hyo Seop, Lee Eui Woong – two very prominent names in Produce 101 season 2 will debut under Yue Hua. In addition, Vietnamese trainee Han Bin will also debut in this boy group.

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Brand New Music will debut a boy group including Lee Eun Sang – a member who participated in Produce X 101 and excellently won a debut spot with group X1. However, X1 disbanded shortly after due to the cheating scandal.

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