Youtuber Lee Jin Ho pointed out the decisive reasons Lee Seung Gi wanted to part ways with HOOK after 18 years 

The real reasons singer-actor Lee Seung Gi cut his relationship with HOOK Entertainment has been revealed.

On November 21st, reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin Ho uploaded a video titled “Shocking exclusive news! The real reason Lee Seung Gi cut his relationship with HOOK” on his Youtube channel.

In the video, Lee Jin Ho said, “Lee Seung Gi sent a content certification request demanding HOOK to disclose his music revenue not long after HOOK was raided. This was actually prepared in advance. It means the actor will end his relationship with the agency somehow.”

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Regarding the reason Lee Seung Gi sent a content certification to HOOK, the Youtuber said, “It’s due to a conflict over payments. Lee Seung Gi has been working under HOOK Entertainment for 18 years, but he only sent the agency a content certification. The actor seems to have carefully reviewed related materials before sending the content certification. The content certification must have highlighted the most important issue, which is the weakest part in HOOK’s explanation.”

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Lee Jin Ho continued, “The second reason is Lee Seung Gi’s consideration. Lee Seung Gi only raised the issue of music revenue. Was it really the only problem? Both sides have been doing various businesses for 18 years. In fact, Lee Seung Gi mentioned only one issue based on his intention, which is ‘I won’t engage in a mud fight. Let’s arrange it neatly and let go of each other’. However, if HOOK disagrees and gives contradictory opinions, more issues that the actor has reviewed are likely to be publicized.”

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He added, “I could point out two issues from the articles. One is Lee Seung Gi’s relationship with his lover Lee Da In. HOOK and Lee Seung Gi’s side, which remained strong even after the actor’s romantic relationship was revealed, was shaken”, adding “After breaking up with HOOK once, Lee Seung Gi joined hands with the agency again, but this time, he kept his relationship with Lee Da In private. The staff of HOOK even asked reporters, ‘How is their situation?’. I don’t know why they were being so sensitive.”

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In addition, Lee Jin Ho said that the risks related to the recent issue of Park Min Young, an actress under HOOK, also affected this incident. The Youtuber said, “The existence of Park Min Young’s ex-boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun and people who are called ‘Kang Jong Hyun’s family’ has risen to the surface since March~April as they became entangled with entertainment agencies”, adding “Officials in the entertainment industry began to comment ‘It’s gonna be a big issue’, and this has also been noticed by HOOK artists. Due to the news of Park Min Young and Kang Jong Hyun’s relationship as well as the police raid, Lee Seung Gi decided to give up on trusting HOOK.”

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Lastly, Lee Jin Ho said, “Looking at the current situation as HOOK has been raided, it is reasonable to say that they conducted the raid after realizing not only internal problems in the management system but also more impactful social problems.”

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi reportedly sent a content certification to HOOK Entertainment. Also, on November 21st, Dispatch raised controversy by issuing the article titled, “Lee Seung Gi has been working like a slave for 18 years and did not receive a won from HOOK Entertainment”.

Source: wikitree

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