Lee Seung Gi not paid a dime, yet his agency executives is enjoying a life of luxury 

On November 21st, Dispatch reported that singer-actor Lee Seung Gi has not received any payment from his agency for 18 years, gaining immediate attention. 

lee seung gi hook ent

In the midst of this, the YouTuber channel “Daily Issue” (literal translation), posted a video that revealed information about Lee Seung Gi’s agency Hook Entertainment.

lee seung gi

In particular, the video unveiled several photos that are allegedly executives from the company, and said, “I’m really envious”. All the photos show these executives draped in luxury items from brands like Dior and Chanel. 

Lee Seung-gi thumbnail

It is no exaggeration to say that these people were dressed “from head to toe” with luxury goods. 

lee seung gi

Finally, the video found it questionable that the company executives can live such a grandeur life, whilst their artist, Lee Seung Gi, went unpaid for all his music activities. 

Lee Seung Gi

Still, it is important to note that the video contains claims from “Daily Issue” alone, and the photo does not reveal the true relationship between Hook Entertainment and Lee Seung Gi. 

Source: wikitree

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