The dark past of the Youtuber who raised suspicions of Kim Jong-kook using steroids

The past of Greg Doucette, the foreign health Youtuber who raised suspicions of Kim Jong-kook taking steroids, has been dug up.

In 2014, Canadian media CBC reported, “Canada Border Services Agency ordered bodybuilder Greg Doucette to pay a fine of $50,000 for smuggling distributing anabolic”. He was also sentenced to a conditional sentence of 20 months and one year in probation. This media also stated, “The investigation began in July 20th when border officers at a mail centre in Vancouver intercepted several shipments of steroids destined for Halifax. During a subsequent investigation of Doucette’s property, police officers seized $23,000 in cash, more than $250,000 worth in steroids and steroids distribution materials and 56 envelopes containing raw testosterone powder.”

Greg Doucette using drug

In response to this information, netizens on the online community – FMKorea reacted intensely, saying, “A bad one wants to accuse an innocent people”, “He’s a criminal”, “He has nothing to be proud of himself.” Earlier on the 31st of last month, Canadian Youtuber Greg Doucette posted a video “Kim Jung Kook || Natty or Not” on his Youtuber channel. Doucette claimed that Kim Jong-kook might have used steroids in the process of building his muscles and even bet 1 million dollars (about 1 billion won) for that.

Greg Doucette using drug

Kim Jong-kook refuted the accusation on November 6th, saying, “If necessary, I will take all kinds of tests that exist in the world”. However, Doucette raised his suspicions again on November 7th, saying “Kim Jong-kook might have used legitimate HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) instead of steroids. I used steroids, so I know the difference between who take it or not”

Greg Doucette using drug
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