aespa Winter released selfies in reply to the exploding reaction regarding her new long-hair look

aespa Winter boasted her unrivaled visual with hair extensions. 

On Nov 15th, Winter posted a few of her selfies through the fan communicating platform Bubble. In the released photos, Winter has long hair which is from hair extensions.

aespa Winter new selfies

Winter’s fair-skinned, clear-cut feature along with her wavy long hair has raised her sophistication even more, bringing great cheers from her fans. Winter also showed off her deep affection by firing a heart at the camera with her hands.

aespa Winter new selfies
aespa Winter new selfies

Winter had been working with short hair throughout the promotion of “SAVAGE”, but suddenly got the attention after her appearance with long hair at the 2021 World K-Pop Concert held on Nov 14th. In addition to her new styling, Winter took on the stage with a charismatic look, excited her fans. After the performance, Winter’s visual became a hot topic on various online communities.

Meanwhile, aespa debuted in November last year, and they are enjoying a surge in popularity as they have made several hit songs in their career such as “Black Mamba”, “Next Level” and “Savage”.


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