The confusing yet funny relationships between YG artists

After “The Game Caterers 2” aired the episode featuring YG idols, fans have expressed their hope to see YG Family in more joint activities.

Fans have been so familiar with the name “YG FAMILY”. During the time when KPOP’s 2nd generation idols were active, YG artists had many joint activities, including concerts and collaborations. However, the connection between YG artists seems to have been widened. This unintentionally created some confusing relationships between idols of YG.

YG artists
YG idols used to be really close to each other

First of all, the relationship between G-Dragon (Big Bang)Jennie (BLACKPINK)Mino (Winner) has recently aroused curiosity. G-Dragon and Jennie’s dating rumor is already too famous as even Dispatch confirmed the two’s romantic relationship. However, G-Dragon and Jennie don’t have much interaction in public and on SNS, and YG Entertainment also remains silent about the two’s dating rumors.

g-dragon jennie
A rare photo of Jennie and G-Dragon together

Meanwhile, Mino appears many times on Jennie’s personal Instagram. Mino and Jennie not only upload photos and tag each other, but they also show interactions on variety shows and music stages. Most recently, Mino drew attention with his cute “confession” to Jennie.

YG artists
Jennie posted a lot of photos taken with Mino

In particular, Jennie and Mino appeared on “The Game Caterers 2” together with other YG artists. They used the name of their group songs to play the game and eventually Mino and Jennie came to the final round. This time, Mino chose “LOVE ME LOVE ME”, and Jennie picked “DDU-DU DDU-DU”. Jennie then asked Mino, “Is it ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’?”. The main rapper of Winner immediately answered, “LOVE YOU LOVE YOU”.

YG artists
Mino’s cute confession made everyone burst into laughter

The conversation between Mino and Jennie then became a hot topic in many online communities about KPOP. While fans of this couple were really happy to see their cute moment, people who love Jennie and G-Dragon expressed their disappointment because their ship doesn’t have any interaction.

YG artists
Mino and Jennie show their affection for each other comfortably 

Moreover, Mino and G-Dragon are named “YG’s twin brothers”. The two idols have many similarities not only in their fashion styles but also in their music colors. The two often interact with each other at award ceremonies or music shows. In addition, G-Dragon and Jennie also visited Mino’s exhibition.

YG artists
G-Dragon and Jennie suddenly appeared at Mino’s exhibition to support him
YG artists
Winner and Big Bang originally have a close friendship

There is another complicated relationship in YG that confused many fans. Appearing in “The Game Caterers 2”, Eun Jiwon (SECHSKES) and Yunhyeong (iKON) revealed that it was their first time meeting Jennie in real life. Meanwhile, Jinwoo (Winner) said he has known Jennie since 2010.

YG artists
Eun Jiwon was excited to meet his junior for the first time 

However, fans immediately found evidence to prove that Eun Jiwon had already met Jennie. The two were caught greeting each other at an award ceremony. Therefore, fans believe that the male idol was just teasing his junior.

After that, the main rapper of BLACKPINK also honestly shared, “I’ve known Jinwoo oppa the longest. Mino oppa came to the company later, so I really only remember Jinwoo oppa when I was a trainee. I don’t remember anyone else here”. It can be seen that even though they are in the same company, the relationship between Eun Jiwon, Yunhyeong and Jinwoo with Jennie is quite big, making people surprised.

YG artists
Jennie met Jiwoo before she met Mino.
YG artists
Jennie and Jinwoo attended Mino’s concert.

Before that, groups under YG like SechsKies, BIGBANG, 2NE1, iKON or WINNER were very close. However, recently, they have had almost no joint activities. Later idol groups like BLACKPINK or TREASURE also have to follow strict rules and have fewer opportunities to meet their seniors.

YG artists
It’s been a long time since YG Family has had such a large gathering.

Looking back at the relationship roundabout of YG artists, the fans feel very happy. Fans still hope that the idols will have the opportunity to meet each other and participate in more activities together.


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