BLACKPINK Jennie enjoyed Mino’s concert, revealing a cute selfie with her YG senior

BLACKPINK Jennie posted a photo proving that she went to watch Song Min-ho’s first solo concert.

On November 19th, Jennie uploaded a photo on her Instagram story and wrote “amazzzzzing show”. In the released picture, Jennie was taking a selfie together with Song Min-ho. The two did the same pose of winking and pouting, creating a lovely vibe.

Jennie Song Mino concert

The surprise selfie of Jennie and Song Min-ho, who are idols under the same company – YG Entertainment, caught the attention of netizens. Jennie uploaded the photo to show that she is doing well and recently went to watch the performances of her senior Song Min-ho.

Internet users on the online community theqoo commented, “An example of a great friendship”, “Unexpectedly, they seem to get along really well”, “I was surprised to see Mino”, “I don’t know if it’s because the two are in the same company, but they really look alike”.

Meanwhile, Song Min-ho’s first solo concert “YG PALM STAGE – 2021 MINO: MANIAC” was held at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul, on November 19th.

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