The cast of hit drama “Reborn Rich” delivers news that will make viewers cheer 

As “Reborn Rich” is about to hit a rating of 20%, the cast is appearing on a popular TV show. 

As reported by OSEN on Dec 9th, actors Kim Nam Hee, Park Ji Hyun, and Kim Do Hyun of JTBC’s ongoing Friday-Saturday drama “Reborn Rich”, which is about to break through the 20% viewership rating, will appear as guests on “Knowing Brothers.” 

Kim Nam-hee

The three actors of “Reborn Rich” will participate in a recording with members of “Knowing Bros” hosts On Dec 22nd. The broadcast date of this episode is undecided.

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After its premiere on November 18th, “Reborn Rich” surpassed 10% in viewership ratings in just three episodes, taking first place in its time slot. “Reborn Rich” quickly stood tall as an unrivaled weekend drama powerhouse. It is about to break through the 20% viewership rating thanks to its charm that comes from the actors’ brilliant acting skills and the fast-paced development of each episode.

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In the drama, Kim Nam Hee plays Jin Sung Joon, the eldest son of the Sunyang Group, Park Ji Hyun plays Mo Hyun Min, the eldest daughter of the owner of the Hyunseong Ilbo, and Kim Do Hyun plays Choi Chang Je, the husband of Jin Hwa Young and the son-in-law of the Jin family.

“Reborn Rich” is a fantasy drama in which a secretary who manages the risk of a chaebol family returns to life as the youngest son of that family after being unjustly killed. It is broadcast every Friday to Sunday at 10:30 PM KST.

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