“She’s too thin”… Former Lovelyz member Lee Su Jeong (BabySoul), shocking diet status

Former Lovelyz member Lee Su Jeong (BabySoul)’s recent status is drawing attention.

Former Lovelyz members Lee Su Jeong, Ryu Su Jeong and Jung Ye In appeared as guests on MBC FM4U’s “GOT7 Youngjae’s Best Friend”, which aired on Dec 7th.

After the broadcast, a proof shot of them was posted on the official Instagram, and Lee Su Jeong’s appearance drew attention.

Lee Su Jeong

Lee Su Jeong, who wore an A-line skirt, shocked everyone by showing off her skinny legs that exposed the shape of her bones.

Netizens responded with concerns such as “Soul is too thin“, “She isn’t sick, is she?” and “I’m worried that her health may be bad.

Lee Su Jeong, who was born in 1992 and is 31 years old this year, debuted in November 2011 under the stage name “BabySoul”. Afterwards, she debuted as a member of girl group Lovelyz with Yoo Ji Ae, Seo Ji Soo, Lee Mi Joo, Kei, Jin, Ryu Su Jeong and Jung Ye In in November 2014.

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In November last year, all members of Lovelyz, except for Lee Su Jeong, terminated their exclusive contracts with Woollim Entertainment.

Lee Su Jeong then changed her stage name from BabySoul to her real name Lee Su Jeong. She held 16 solo concerts in May after releasing her first mini-album “My Name” in April.

In particular, in an interview commemorating the release of her first mini-album, she attracted attention by revealing the fact that she was on a diet, “I lost about 16kg. I lost weight on purpose. I wanted to do something and show it to everyone, so I went on a diet.

Source: Nate

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