Losing 16 kg, Lovelyz Lee Su Jeong tried to change herself and show a new image as a solo artist

Lovelyz member Lee Su Jeong is about to release a Christmas season song.

On the 30th, the agency Woollim Entertainment announced, “Lee Su Jeong will release a special Christmas season song with ballad singer Lee Woo in December .”

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The new song is a duet and seasonal song first performed by Lee Su Jeong, who will take a new step as a solo artist. Details such as the name and release date of Lee Su Jeong’s first Christmas season song will be released later.

On the other hand, Su Jeong is the only member of Lovelyz to renew her contract with her current agency, Woollim Entertainment.

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With Lovelyz’s activities virtually finished, she is seeking a new change by changing her active name to her real name Lee Su Jeong instead of her stage name Baby Soul.

Su Jeong released her first mini-album ‘My Name’ in April last year after about 8 years and received a lot of love from fans.

lee sujeong lovelyz

In addition to her solo career, Su Jeong also tried to change her body. According to a recent interview, Lee Su Jeong revealed that she “recently succeeded in losing 16kg,” which drew surprise.

Lee Su Jeong, who has been on a diet for a long time, said, “I have been on a diet since the end of 2019. I lost 7kg while preparing for my solo album, after finishing my group activities.”

And I think I was able to lose weight like this because I worked hard and managed my diet to show a newer side of myself as a solo artist” – said Su Jeong.

lee sujeong lovelyz
lee sujeong lovelyz

In addition, Su Jeong, who is showing off her innocent charm, unexpectedly surprised the public by appearing on Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money 11’ as a rapper last October. Talking about the reason, Su Jeong said, “I had a big dream of rap since I was young, but I don’t think I showed much of that kind of music.”

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In the end, she suffered the bitter fate of being eliminated in the first round of ‘Show Me the Money 11’. Still, the female idol said, “It’s a pity. However, because I have a dream that I want to achieve, I want to say that my life starts now.”

Source: Daum

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