Luhan was accused of two cheating scandals on his celebrity girlfriend and victim of explicit photo leak, Luhan’s studio and friend came to his defense  

Luhan and Guan Xiaoton are the most mentioned names when the rumors broke out. 

According to Sohu, on December 8th, a well-known celebrity gossip news site in China unexpectedly released a series of explicit photos of a star couple (called ‘A’ and ‘B’) at a hotel in the Sanlitun area in Beijing from 2019. The account documented a leaked cut where the couple were in full nudity and was condemned as a serious violation of artists’ personal lives. 

On the same day, Sohu revealed from an anonymous source that the male artist’s name had two characters and he had an official girlfriend. The male star ‘A’ was exposed of having an affair with a supporting actress in a movie project and another actress whom he did an explicit scene with (called ‘C’). Male star ‘A’ almost broke up with his girlfriend ‘B’ to get with ‘C’ but it did not work out. ‘B’ is having a new partner. More notably, the male star ‘A’ is notoriously known for releasing the news of his marriage when his career comes across a rough patch. These characteristics matched with those of the singer-actor Luhan. 

The celebrity gossip channel in Cbiz sent the netizens into a frenzy when they leaked explicit photos of the star couple 
Guan Xiaotong Luhan
Luhan and his girlfriend Guan Xiaotong were called out for many matched descriptions with the characters 

Specifically, Luhan’s name has two characters and is dating young actress Guan Xiaotong. Their marriage announcement becomes a hot topic one year after another, raising suspicion of media play to polish their names. Luhan is known to have long hair and frequently ties his hair up, which matches with the described male star ‘A’. 

On the morning of December 9th, Luhan’s studio indirectly spoke up about the situation with a post titled, “Let’s go to sleep early and watch the World Cup tomorrow together.” Coincidentally, netizens were able to capture photos of Luhan and Guan Xiaotong watching the live football match the night the news broke out. 

Luhan’s studio denied the allegations and refuted indirectly Luhan being the man in the photos. They also affirmed the strong feelings between the singer-actor with Guan Xiaotong 

Moreover, an actor friend of Luhan also commented under the shocking reveal as “Fake”. The original poster also stated that the rumor had nothing to do with the former EXO member. 

In 2017, Luhan and Guan Xiaotong announced their relationship out of the blue and took the public aback. Fans initially were against this relationship but the couple have been with each other since then. The couple frequently took photos of intimate moments together and the former EXO member always posted his wishes on his girlfriend’s birthday for five years without fail. 

Luhan Guan Xiaotong thumbnail
Guan Xiaotong and Luhan are still together after 5 years 

Source: Sohu, Sina

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