Taeyang’s official YouTube channel released the behind-the-scenes video of Taeyang and Jimin’s live stage 

The pair showed amazing chemistry backstage.

On the afternoon of the February 3rd, a video titled “TAEYANG – ‘VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)’ LIVE CLIP MAKING FILM” was posted on Taeyang‘s official YouTube channel.

Taeyang Jimin

Taeyang expressed his excitement, saying, “I‘m here today to film live performance” and revealed his practice with BTS Jimin.

When Jimin appeared in Taeyang’s practice room, Taeyang greeted him fiercely, saying, “Ji to the Min! JM”, to which Jimin responded, “Ah your voice is great.”

Taeyang Jimin

The two greeted each other with a strong hug and got back to practicing for the live performance while chatting. After hearing Taeyang’s voice, Jimin said, “My ears are melting.” Taeyang wrapped around his shoulder and said out of embarrassment, “What are you talking about. I don’t think I did well since it’s been a while.” 

Jimin asked Taeyang, “It must be a long since you did a live performance” and Taeyang responded, “I bearly did live…” and added, “Oh but when I was back in military! Why is my conversation always ends with military?!”

Taeyang Jimin

During the filming set, Taeyang said, “(Will there be) anyone can hear Jimin’s voice closely through in-ear?” In response, Jimin said, “His voice was tap dancing on my eardrums.” Nonetheless, Taeyang returned with a greater reply, “I feel like butter is melting on my eardrum. Kept making me check my ears.” With this compliment, Jimin admitted he lost. 

In latest news, Taeyang released a new song “VIBE” featuring Jimin on January 13th.

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