The actress who will be Song Joong Ki’s new on-screen girlfriend was a famous goddess during her college days

Taking off the rookie title with her passionate acting in “Gentleman”, actress Choi Sung Eun has been cast in a new film.

On January 20th, JTBC exclusively reported that Choi Seung Eun had finally been selected to play the female lead in the new film “Ro Ki Wan”. Filming will start soon.


“Ro Ki Wan” is based on the novel “I met Ro Ki Wan” by author Jo Hae Jin. The novel tells the story of North Korean defector Ro Ki Wan, who comes to Belgium to be recognized as a refugee, struggling to settle his life. 

The main character Ro Ki Wan will be played by Song Joong Ki, who recently made a big hit with the drama “Reborn Rich”. It is known that the actor joined this work right after finishing the filming for the movie “Hwaran” and continues to work hard without taking a break.


Choi Sung Eun will take on the role of Marie, the female lead in the film. Marie, who is a Korean-American woman in her 20s who immigrated to Belgium when she was a child, is a character who has no hope for the future and always thinks it is okay to die tomorrow. She’s a former national team shooter who lives with pain as she cannot escape the trauma of her mother’s death in the past.

As Marie is a character with complicated inner feelings, the production team decided to announce an early audition in order to find a new face. Passing the audition with a high competition rate, Choi Sung Eun won the role of Marie.


Choi Sung Eun is known to have been a campus goddess as she appeared in “Univ Tomorrow” magazine as a cover model during her rookie days. After making her debut in the 2019 film “Start-up”, she continued to star in various works, such as “Ten Months”, “Gentleman”, “Beyond Evil”, “The Sound of Magic”, etc. and gained recognition as a “monster” actress in the film industry.

Attention is looking forward to the result that the combination of top star Song Joong Ki and “monster rookie actress” Choi Sung Eun will bring about through “Ro Ki Wan”.

Source: Daum

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