BLACKPINK’s hectic Lunar New Year: Only have 7 days to rest, Jisoo works hard for her solo release 

Fans hope BLACKPINK will take their time to relax and be with their loved ones. 

Up to now, BLACKPINK has completed half of the BORN PINK global tour in Asia where, on January 20, 2023, they will be having a concert at the BLVD International Festival Site square in Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia.

BLACKPINK is currently in Saudi Arabia to prepare for the several last shows. (Image: Newsen)

Currently, the members are busy preparing for this show before finally taking a rest and returning to their home to celebrate the Lunar New Year. According to the announced world tour schedule by YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK will have a period for rest from January 21 to January 27 and return to the Arab stage on January 28, 2023.

The group’s second concert will be held at Etihad Park, the largest outdoor venue in Abu Dhabi, able to accommodate up to 40.000 spectators at a time.

blackpink thumbnail
BLACKPINK will return to the Arab stage after celebrating the Lunar New Year. (Image: Twitter @pollorockeroL)
Fans are hoping the members will have a joyful time during this holiday. (Image: Pinterest)

BLINKs speculated that during the 7 days off, all four members would return to Korea to celebrate the Lunar New Year with friends and possibly Jisoo’s family because three members’ families are living in different locations abroad. 

Fans are looking forward to see how BLACKPINK will look like in hanbok this holiday celebration. (Image: BLACKPINK YouTube)
Fans predicted that all four members would gather round for this New Year holiday. (Image: BLACKPINK YouTube)
Blackpink jennie
Jennie once made fans breathless when she wore hanbok. (Image: BLACKPINK YouTube)
Fans are looking forward to BLACKPINK’s new series of photos on this New Year occasion. (Image: Pinterest)

However, there are a group of fans who believe three members (Jennie, Rosé and Lisa) will celebrate the Lunar New Year in Lisa’s hometown, Thailand, while Jisoo take the time off to finish her solo product announced by YG in 2023.

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Another group of fans speculated that BLACKPINK would return to Lisa’s hometown to celebrate the holiday. (Image: Instagram @sooyaaa_)
blackpink jisoo
Jisoo will have a much more hectic schedule since the singer is preparing for her solo album. (Image: Instagram @sooyaaa_)
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Fans are eagerly looking forward Jisoo’s first solo music release. (Image: Instagram @sooyaaa_)

Amidst the anticipation for a happy holiday for BLACKPINK, fans are also worried about the group’s status as some have pointed out BLACKPINK’s 7-year contract will reach its ending period after the concert tour. 

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Fans hope that BLACKPINK will renew their contract with YG Entertainment. (Image: YG Entertainment)

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