Dressing like a woman, Jo Kwon showed off his beautiful image

Jo Kwon revealed a photo of himself dressed as a woman.

On the 20th, Jo Kwon posted a photo and video on SNS. Jo Kwon said, “When will the musical Priscilla Bus come again? I desperately want to get on it.”

Jo Kwon

Next, Jo Kwon said, “It was a really splendid and splendid musical,” adding, “It was those days when we climbed on the highest high-heeled podium, wore costumes that sparkled like stars, and practiced the solo aria motions in an ecstatic manner.”

Jo Kwon
Jo Kwon

In the photos, he wore thick lipstick and dressed as a woman, attracting many people’s attention.

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon was born in 1989 and is 35 years old this year. Jo Kwon is also constantly showing his love for high heels.

Source: Nate

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