“Taxi Driver Season 2” causes disappointment when a character could not make it to season 2, building efforts in season 1 reduced to naught? 

“Taxi Driver Season 2” caused disappointment when an actress could not continue her appearance. 

“Taxi Driver Season 2” is receiving much attention from the audience by continuing the operations of the Rainbow Taxi Company led by Kim Do Gi to serve justice to the poor and punish the bad guys. The first four episodes managed to build mixed emotions within viewers through the heart-breaking stories of blue-collar workers and dependent elders. 

taxi driver 2

“Taxi Driver Season 2” is drawing much positive feedback from the audience for the humane messages conveyed hand in hand with comedy and suspense. Moreover, fans are also intrigued by the love line between Do Gi and Go Eun (Pyo Ye Jin) and its development later in the course of the drama. 

taxi driver 2

While the upsides are undeniable, many of the series’ recurrent viewers expressed their sadness when prosecutor Kang Ha Na (Esom) did not appear in the subsequent season. In the first part,  Kang Ha Na is the direct opposite of Kim Do Gi who works for the justice of the disenfranchised from a different perspective. Nonetheless, at the end, she decided to join Do Gi’s team. 

taxi driver 2

Sadly, due to schedule conflicts, Esom could not join season 2 of the drama, making the ending of season 1 redundant. While some audiences did not like Ha Na as a character, they believed the producer could have replaced Esom with another actor to ensure the continuity of the narrative. 

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