NingNing (aespa) transforms with an improved magazine photo shooting skills

NingNing’s (aespa) VOGUE China appearance drew attention for various stylings and flexible facial expressions. 

On March 1st, VOGUE China released a pictorial featuring NingNing for their next issue. Despite being her first appearance for a major magazine, NingNing is receiving praise from the audience. NingNing took on various styles for the shooting. Be it elegance or highly energized and bold, the singer pulled off each image with grace and perfect immersion. 


Diverse styling aside, NingNing also took the chance to show off her hard-earned physique through jeans bottoms and matching tops. Her slender figure shone through with each attire. 

ning ning
NingNing shared the same outfit with Hyein (NewJeans) yet both idols added a different feel to the outfit. (Image: VOGUE, Instagram newjeans_official)

It is clear that, after two years of debut, NingNing has transformed herself into a more attractive image, drawing positive responses from the audience of the glow-up. 

ning ning
NingNing in her past magazine photoshoot. (Image: Pinterest) 
ning ning
Fans commented that she was “uncreative”  in her poses. (Image: Harper’s Bazaar) 
ning ning
NingNing’s facial expressions were a bit stiff and unnatural, according to netizens’ past comments. (Image: Vivi) 

Source: yan

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