Tang Wei won Best Actress at the Critics Choice Awards, started and ended her speech in Korean

Actress Tang Wei is applauded for her meaningful acceptance speech after receiving the Best Actress Award.

At 5 p.m. on Nov 23rd, the 42nd Critics Choice Awards ceremony was held at the KBIZ Hall of the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business in Yeouido, Seoul. The annual Critics Choice Awards, held by the Korean Association of Film Critics since 1980, selects and awards outstanding films and filmmakers that year.

Decision To Leave

After receiving the Best Actress award, Tang Wei first greeted in Korean, saying, “Thank you for the Critics Choice Award.”

She then continued in Chinese, “I would like to thank each and every movie critic,” adding, “I am more grateful that this is my second Best Actress award at the Critics Choice Awards.”

tang wei

In particular, Tang Wei drew attention by sending her greeting to actor Ahn Sung Ki, who has recently been battling the disease. She said, “As I’m already standing here on this stage, I would like to send my best wishes to actor Ahn Sung Ki. I want to be able to see another new work of yours, and congratulations on winning the Lifetime Achievement Award today.”

The team of “Decision to Leave” also expressed gratitude to director Park Chan Wook and writer Jeong Seo Kyeong, saying, “As actors, we are free, satisfied, and happy whenever we are on the filming set. We are grateful to director Park Chan Wook and writer Jeong Seo Kyeong for providing us with such an opportunity.”

tang wei

Tang Wai, who wanted to thank the staff, said “See you later” in Korean, and drew attention by opening and ending her speech in the language.

In “Decision to Leave”, Tang Wei assumed the role of Song Seo Rae.

Source: Daum

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