B.I “I wish to be remembered as an artist with timeless music like the Beatles”

B.I expressed his sincerity about music in an interview with Grammy.

In an interview released on Grammy’s official website on Nov 22nd (local time), B.I told stories related to the global EP “Love or Loved Part.1”.

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Regarding the EP, which contains various forms of love stories, B.I said, “‘Love or Loved Part.1’ is more so about youthful love rather than my life in particular. It’s interesting how many different types of emotions are associated with the world of love. For me, every challenge is an opportunity for growth.” About the title song ‘Keep me up’, he shared, “I’m in Korea and the producers who helped me were in the U.S., so we couldn’t meet and work together at the same time and sit at the same place. I just tried to learn from them – like learning their styles and processes of making music. It became like a new kind of music-making weapon.” In particular, he added, “I’ve been trying new things lately. Nowadays I enjoy collaborating with other people.”


To the question “When people hear B.I and your music, what do you want people to remember?“, he answered, “I hope they keep wanting more. I would love to be remembered as an artist who constantly makes great music that they keep coming back to – good songs that last forever. Just like the Beatles, I wish to be remembered as an artist with timeless music.”

When asked “What has given you the most pride in your career?“, B.I replied, “I feel proud when I perform in front of my fans and when they sing along for me, or when they jump along to the song with me.” He also revealed his goals, “I want to go on a world tour and meet more of my international fans. I’ve begun to imagine being nominated at the GRAMMYs as well.”


B.I will hold the “2022 ALL DAY SHOW ‘L.O.L: THE HIDDEN STAGE'” at KBS Arena in Gangseo-gu, Seoul on Dec 10th.

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