Tang Wei – Kim Tae Yong completely end discord rumors with affectionate two-shots

The affectionate recent status of couple Tang Wei – Kim Tae Yong was captured.

Recently, a video of their family spread on Weibo, China’s largest social network service.

The video showed actress Tang Wei, director Kim Tae Yong and their daughter Summer. They are said to have attended an event of Tang Wei’s family in China.

Tang Wei Kim Tae Yong

In particular, Tang Wei and Kim Tae Yong ended discord rumors with the two-shots in which they sat together and enjoyed the event. Recently, it was revealed that they went to a fireworks display in Hangzhou, China.

Last year, Tang Wei’s side dismissed discord and breakup rumors with director Kim Tae Yong by saying, “Tang Wei is in a very happy marriage.”

Tang Wei Kim Tae Yong

Tang Wei also talked about the reason why she stayed away from director Kim Tae Yong. She expressed her affection for her husband, “Time with parents is very important to Chinese as well as Korean people. I’m the only daughter and my parents in China are old, so I try to go to Beijing and spend time with them whenever I have time. My family in Korea helped me a lot to do so. I miss you so much.”

Tang Wei developed into lovers with director Kim Tae Yong, who is 10 years older than her, after working together in the movie “Late Autumn” (2011). They got married in 2014. Later, Tang Wei gave birth to her daughter Summer in 2016.

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