‘Tally” by BLACKPINK was almost forgotten – or went to Doja Cat – if not for the effort of Australian singer Nat Dunn 

No matter its backstories may be, “Tally” truly carries the color of BLACKPINK. 

Released on September 16th, second full album “BORN PINK” by BLACKPINK quickly gained positive reviews by a large number of fans in and out of the country. Among the anticipated tracks, “Tally” is one of the most favorite songs with a fresh air to BLACKPINK’s discography. Through the combination of Hip-hop and Rock elements against the backdrop of Punk-inspired guitar across the track. Currently, the song has hit 23 million streams on Spotify. 

“Tally” by BLACKPINK. 

 In their interview with the Rolling Stone, producer and singer Soraya LaPread – one of the main composers of the track shared the behind stories for the making-up the music work and revealed that the track was once forgotten for a few years after its birth: “I kind of, honestly, had forgotten about the song. As a musician, as a producer, you go into the studio, you spend a lot of time, you make a lot of ideas, and sometimes these ideas come out of nowhere again”.

The song only crossed the New Zealand producer when songwriter Nat Dunn expressed his liking and offered to buy the song. Notably, “Say So” singer – Doja Cat was also in the list of recipients of the song. Before her, Bebe Rexha also received the track but was denied. 

dojja cat
“Tally” almost went to Doja Cat. 

“She was trying to get that song out. She believed in it and it really showed me what it is to believe in a song and to believe in a record and to push it out because you know that people will love it, that it’s an amazing idea, an amazing concept”, said Soraya LaPread in expressing her gratitude for Nat Dunn when Nat discovered the song and helped deliver it the right voices. 


The song finally went to a Korean group thanks to Nat Dunn’s strong attempt to make the song known again. However, fans cannot help but wonder how Doja Cat will perform the song after knowing about its behind stories. They also agreed that BLACKPINK did justice to the song and brought their own color to the track. 

Source: Billboardvn

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