Taeyeon’s Small Appetite Revealed Again: Bananas Between Performances

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon displayed her modest eating habits once again.

On September 12th, a video titled ‘Fans Are Singing | TAEYEON CONCERT in JAKARTA’ was uploaded to Taeyeon’s YouTube channel ‘TAEYEON Official.’ The video captures Taeyeon preparing for her concert in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Taeyeon’s Small Appetite

Taeyeon arrived at her hotel late the previous night and revealed her breakfast served through room service. As she looked at the table with only cereal and milk, Taeyeon explained, “Some of you might think I only eat this menu when you see it, but no. If you open the drawer below, there’s a lot of food in there.”

Taeyeon’s Small Appetite

Later, when Taeyeon arrived at the concert venue, she enjoyed lunch with her staff. Taeyeon only picked a few pieces of various types of sushi and rolls and seemed a bit sleepy while eating. However, instead of eating a lot, she attracted attention for enjoying bananas during the break before the concert or during intermissions.

Taeyeon’s Small Appetite

Meanwhile, starting in Seoul in June, Taeyeon toured various Asian countries, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore.

Source: Nate

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