Despite the scandal of the chief actress, Seo Ye Ji’s “Recalled” still ranked number 1 in box office reservations

The movie even beat Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum’s “Seo Bok”.

Amid the recent controversy in which actress Seo Ye Ji has been accused of gaslighting her lovers, committing school violence, abusing her power over her staff, and even forging her academic background, many believed that her new movie ‘Recalled’ would face up with trouble.

However, despite many people expecting the movie to be a flop, it had come in at number 1 in box office reservations with a recorded real-time reservation rate of 36.6%. ‘Recalled’ even beat the movie ‘Seo Bok’ which had high expectations and anticipation. So far, the number of ticket reservations for ‘Recalled’ is 33,012. 

‘Recalled’ is a mystery thriller movie about a main female protagonist (Soo Jin) who is able to see the future after losing memories. When she finds her memory back is also when she discovers the secrets hidden by her husband.

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