Surpassing Kim Hye-soo and Nam Goong-min… The actor who topped the Drama Cast Search Response chart is?

Actor Moon Sang-min, who is appearing in tvN’s drama “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”, topped the Search Response chart.

On Nov 3rd, the topicality research company Good Data Corporation announced the TV search response ranking for the 4th week of October.

Moon Sang Min the Queen's Umbrella thumbnail

First of all, No.1~4 in the “drama TV search response” category belonged to “One Dollar Lawyer“, “The Queen’s Umbrella”, “Cheer Up” and “The Golden Spoon”.

Good Data drama 03112022 8
Good Data drama 03112022 7

Moon Sang-min, Bae In-hyuk, Yoo Seon-ho, Kim Ji-eun, Kim Hye-soo and more were named in the “drama search issue keyword” category.

Good Data drama 03112022 6
Good Data drama 03112022 5

“Show Me The Money 11” and Lee Young-ji ranked first in “non-drama TV search response” and “issue keyword”, respectively.

Sources: wikitree

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