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“Street Man Fighter” surpassed “Street Woman Fighter”, highest rating 2.1%… YGX DEUKIE cried due to consecutive defeats

“Street Man Fighter” surpassed “Street Woman Fighter” in terms of episode 1’s ratings.

On Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” (hereinafter referred to as “SMF”), which first aired on August 23rd, participants heated up the stage with a fierce fight for pride and professional dancers’ performances, making viewers sleepless.

It achieved an average rating of 1.9% and the highest rating of 2.1% based on paid broadcasting households including all programs, ranking first in terms of target ratings 1539 and 2049. This not only exceeded but also nearly doubled the ratings of the first episode of “Street Woman Fighter” (hereinafter referred to as “SWF”). (Based on the metropolitan area, Nielsen Korea)

It started cruising amid hot interest, with “SMF_first episode” appearing among SNS trend keywords during the broadcast.

Street Man Fighter

8 crews gathered in one place. From BankTwoBrothers with strong hip-hop sensibility, EO-DDAE with powerful performances and showmanship, project crew Mbitious with skills and popularity, YGX with high recognition and fandom, 1MILLION – which created performances for top Korean idols such as EXO and Twice, WeDemBoyz – which is sweeping K-pop with trendy choreography, world champion JustJerk to PRIME KINGZ – which showcases powerful krump dance with overflowing energy.

Street Man Fighter

8 crews with brilliant careers and outstanding skills entered the fighter club, which had grown in terms of scale, and engaged in a bloody war of nerves. All the crews burned their fighting spirit while watching the interview video containing evaluations toward each other, and the atmosphere became hot even before the full-fledged start.

Street Man Fighter

The first mission given to the eight crews, who had a fiery war of nerves from the interview, was the “No Respect – Weak Dance Crew Pointing Battle“. Each dancer in the battle is given 40 seconds. After the battle, the dancer who is chosen by more than two fight judges will win. The crew that loses the battle will receive a No Respect sticker, and the crew with the most losses will become the weakest No Respect crew.

Street Man Fighter

The first main characters in the “No Respect – Weak Dance Crew Pointing Battle” were Mbitious Noh Tae-hyun and PRIME KINGZ’s leader TRIZ. Attention was focused on the confrontation between the two, who previously worked together in the Monster Woo Family. The fighter club was shaken by the fiery battle between the genius krumper Noh Tae-hyun and the world’s No.1 krumper TRIZ, and the result of the match was that TRIZ won 2-1. Fight judge BoA commented, “TRIZ heated up the atmosphere with his skillfulness.”

Street Man Fighter

In the second battle, WeDemBoyz’s sub-leader In-gyoo, who emerged as a villain of “SMF” by sniping all teams, and JustJerk’s sub-leader J-Ho came out. WeDemBoyz and JustJerk had uncomfortable feelings due to the choreography copy controversy in the past, and the story between them drew more attention. As a result of the match, JustJerk J-Ho won 2-1.

EO-DDAE’s sub-leader Kinky named 1MILLION’s sub-leader Choi Young-joon as the underdog. Dancers cheered on the stage of Choi Young-joon, who responded with breaking following Kinky’s stage. The neck-and-neck confrontation led to a rematch. As a result of the rematch without concession, EO-DDAE Kinky won 3-0.

Street Man Fighter

Next, there was a battle between PRIME KINGZ’s sub-leader KNUCKS and YGX’s leader DEUKIE. An unresolved enmity remained between the two, who faced each other in SWF’s “Men of Women” mission. KNUCKS won 2-1 after a rematch. The battle between BankTwoBrothers Busybe and JustJerk S.ONE, who were active together in the hip-hop scene in the past but had a conflict due to disagreement, followed. BankTwoBrothers Busybe, who showed strong confidence in freestyle, won JustJerk S.ONE, who dominated the stage with a different style, 2-1 after a rematch.

Street Man Fighter

Attention was focused on the leader match between Mbitious’s leader 5000 and PRIME KINGZ’s leader TRIZ. The studio was shaken by the meeting of the battle’s strongest players, and PRIME KINGZ TRIZ won 2-1 as a result of the legendary battle. PRIME KINGZ proved to be the strongest battler by winning all battles.

The protagonists of the second leader battle were WeDemBoyz Vata and JustJerk Young-J. Vata challenged JustJerk Young-J, saying, “I think it’s time to change the boss.” The result of these two’s confrontation can be seen on next week’s broadcast.

Street Man Fighter

It was foretold that in episode 2 of “SMF”, which is scheduled to air next week, a team will appear to prevent the monopoly of PRIME KINGZ, who had a string of victories in the battle. In addition, there will be a life-or-death battle for 8 teams to avoid being last. YGX’s leader DEUKIE, whose pride was hurt after receiving the most No Respect stickers, finally shed tears, making viewers feel pity for him.

Meanwhile, “SMF” airs every Tuesday at 10:20 PM.

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