Strange jobs of participants in “Physical: 100”, the “Squid Game”-style show that’s going viral 

Nicknamed “real life ‘Squid Game’”, “Physical: 100” is not only drawing attention with its concept, but also with its interesting cast members. 

The grueling Netflix reality series “Physical: 100” is going viral across the world. According to OTT analysis platform FlixPatrol, “Physical: 100” is now ranked first among non-drama global TV programs, within just half a month since it first aired. In fact, other than being known as a “Squid Game”-style show, “Physical: 100” draws attention with its huge variety of cast members, who work in fields that greatly surprised the audience. 

physical 100

In “Physical: 100”, gender, job, age, to nationality, any element except for physical prowess, are not important. The sole goal for participants is to prove their power, win challenges, and take home the hefty prize of 300 million won.

The pilot episode of “Physical: 100” has thus taken many viewers by surprise. In particular, many participants are national-level athletes, with notable examples being MMA Fighter Choo Sung Hoon, National Team Skeleton Racer Yun Sung Bin, Olympic Gold Medal-winning Gymnast Yang Hak Seon, record-winning bodybuilder Ma Sun Ho, National Team Wrestler Jang Eun Sil, and so on. 

choo sung hoon
MMA Fighter Choo Sung Hoon
jang eun sil
National Team Wrestler Jang Eun Sil
yun sung bin
National Team Skeleton Racer Yun Sung Bin

Alongside athletes, there are numerous military officials, with the most popular being Hwang Ji Hun (Agent H). Prior to becoming a YouTube content creator, he used to be a sniper and part of the Navy Special Warfare Corps. Sergeant first class reservist Kkang Mi, who has served in Korea’s Special Forces for 8 years, also draws attention. Other careers, such as warden, firefighter, mountain rescuer, etc, were also featured in the show. 

agent h
YouTuber and former navy officer Agent H is a popular contestant

Finally, there are also participants who work in the entertainment industry, or have seemingly unrelated careers such as car broker, student, CEO, farmer, and more. 

cha hyun seong
Sunmi’s dancer Cha Hyun Seung, who used to appeared on “Single’s Inferno”, was a hot topic
yeon young
 The leader of Korea’s first bone-breaking team and movie choreographer, Jeon Young

Kim Kyung Jin, who works as a farmer and YouTuber, managed to gain attention despite his early elimination. It is known that prior to farming, he was a famous trainer, who used to appear on exercising shows of SBS and KBS. 

kim kyung jin
Farmer and YouTuber Kim Kyung Jin
shin eu ddeum
YouTuber and former competitive fitness model Shim Eu Ddeum
lee dae won
Trot singer and MMA Fighter Lee Dae Won

Source: k14

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