“Stop looking on” Fans of HYBE artists rage at the agency’s poor handling of malicious comments

Fans of HYBE Label artists gather to protect their idols.

On January 17th, the post titled “You’re also an accomplice. Stop looking on Weverse. HYBE” appeared on many online communities and SNS sites and drew attention.

The issue started when Lee Chae Young, a member of the girl group fromis_9, did a live broadcast on the fan community platform Weverse. Lee Chae Young turned on the live to communicate with fans but the comment section was filled with harsh malicious remarks.


After looking at the screen for a long time, Lee Chae Young tried to continue talking with her fans then ended the broadcast. fromis_9 fans who watched the live broadcast were enraged and fans of other HYBE Label artists joined forces and reminded HYBE of the “Notice of legal action related to the infringement of artists’ rights and interests” they released in December last year.

Earlier, as a group from HYBE’s sub-label Pledis Entertainment, fromis_9 joined Weverse in September 2021. In February last year, fromis_9 member Baek Ji Heon also suspended her activities for two months due to anxiety caused by malicious comments.


In addition, the members of fromis_9 expressed their grievance about malicious comments during a live broadcast in July of last year.

At the time, the members revealed that they only turned on paid Weverse live and said, “If anyone hears bad words, we feel bad.” When the fans apologized for this, Song Ha Young replied, “Those who say bad things are not flovers (fromis_9’s fandom name).”

Jang Gyuri

More than anything, fans are angry at HYBE’s belated response and inaction to deal with this issue. It has already been a year since fromis_9 joined Weverse when Pledis posted a notice related to malicious comments on the platform. In addition, it was pointed out that even if fans send reports, only macro answers are returned, and even if malicious comments are continuously posted, there is no response.

Meanwhile, HYBE Labels house BTS, TXT, Lee Hyuk (Big Hit Music), ENHYPEN (Belief Lab), LE SSERAFIM (Source Music), Seventeen, fromis_9(Pledis Entertainment), Zico (KOZ Entertainment), New Jeans (ADOR).

Source: Sports Khan.

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