Nine pair of stars who are almost identical: Jung Sung Il and Yoo Jae Suk has been viral for their resemblance just by pair of glasses 

These 9 pairs of actors take the viewers by surprise with their similarity. 

1.Actor Jung Sung Il and comedian Yoo Jae Suk 

Jung Sung Il-Yoo Jae Suk

Jung Sung Il and Yoo Jae Suk are almost identical. Fans are saying Jung Sung Il is Yoo Jae Suk without the glasses on. The discovery went viral on the Internet. 

2. Chuu and Lee Jong Suk 

Chuu-Lee Jong-suk

Apparently, former LOONA member and “Chuu Can Do It” star Chuu shares a similar smile with the famous actor Lee Jong Suk. They both have a bright grin that goes from ear to ear. 

3. Ko Bo Gyeol and Kim Tae Ri

Go Bo-gyeol Kim Tae-ri

The “Heavenly Idol” star Ko Bo Gyeol looks almost identical to the “Twenty Five, Twenty One” star Kim Tae Ri. In coral pink outfits and long wavy hair, the two actresses light up the room with their bright smile and friendly gaze. 

4. Han Bo Reum and Kim So Hyun 

Han Bo-reum-Kim So-hyun

The two actresses share a classy allure and chic fashion sense. A simple, gentle smile manages to capture attention. 

5. Actress Kim Ji Eun and female idol Ryujin

Kim Ji-eun-Ryu Jin

Kim Ji Eun and ITZY Ryujin boast an uncanny similarity in an above-shoulder hairstyle. Despite an 8-year age gap, the two appear as if they could be sisters in real life. 

6. Rapper Nucksal and Comedian Lee Eun Hyung

Nucksal-Lee Eun-hyung

Rapper Nucksal and comedian Lee Eun Hyung share an astounding degree of similarity with their long and exuberant hair in a series of selfies together. 

7. Volleyball player Kim Yeon Koung and actor Lee Kwang-soo

Kim Yeon-kyung-Lee Kwang-soo

Apart from her professional sports career, Kim Yeon Koung has also gone viral a couple of times thanks to her sudden bursts of dance moves on the field. Fans also noticed her resemblance to actor Lee Kwang Soo through one of the gif while the two expressed the same surprise reaction in their appearance together in “Korea No.1”. 

8. IVE Ahn Yu Jin and actress Jung So Min 

An Yu-jin-Jung So-min

IVE Ahn Yu Jin and actress Jung So Min boast a shared aloof charm with mature appearance. In black, the IVE member and the actress show off their unrivaled allure. Putting them side by side, it’s hard to distinguish who from whom. 

9. Actress Kim Yeo Jin – Kim Jung Young 

Kim Yeo-jin - Kim Jeong-young

After her appearance as mother of Joo Yeo Jeong and director of Seoul Joo General Hospital, Kim Jung Young is gaining more popularity. She is said to resemble Kim Yeo Jin, who got famous for her role in “Vincenzo” starring Song Joong Ki. 

Source: Wikitree 

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